"Behind Enemy Lines"

Poster from Feldman's presentation sponsored by Bryant University Department of Communication, Department of History and Social Sciences and the Office of Academic Affairs.
How the firearm issue was hijacked by the Conservative Movement to advance their agenda and how progressives can change America with the same techniques! The inside story from a Washington lobbyist!


"...[Feldman] has the ability to stimulate audiences drawn from both the general public and the greater college community with his effective and entertaining public speaking style."
- Gregg L. Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Chair, Department of History & Social Sciences Bryant University Smithfield, RI



Interest areas for “Behind Enemy Lines” program


  • American History - gun control in America; how we arrived where we are? 
  • Criminal Justice - law enforcement, BATF, crafting a policy that gets results.
  • Political Science - politics of gun control, campaign techniques, elective power. 
  • Sociology - language, usage, thought and social movements.
  • American Studies - the mystique of guns in American life, urban v. rural culture.
  • Communications – Media Studies - advocacy, influence & lobbying techniques.
  • Law - Second Amendment issues and “deadly force” theory and practice.

Student Activity Groups with special interest

  • Campus Activity Boards – lecture series
  • Political Organizations (Democrats, Republicans & Libertarians)
  • Debate Clubs

  • Federalist Society
  • Student newspapers, radio and internet broadcast stations

Richard Feldman brings his personal experience in enacting legislative change at the federal, state and local levels to the Academic experience.

  • Working with a Hostile White House and Opposition Congress
  • The 1994 Congressional Revolution - and its downfall
  • Unseating a New Jersey Governor 1993 – citizens revolt
  • The Liberal Side of the Second Amendment
  • Surviving Capitol Hill, CNN, Fox News and Special Interest Litigation

Addresses include:

  • Radford University, Roanoke College, Bryant University
  • US Conference of Mayors, National Convention,   Reno, NV.
  • National Association of Manufacturers Summit, Washington, DC.
  • American Bar Association, Atlanta, GA.
  • University of West Virginia, School of Law, Albany Law School


Program Topics

  • Behind Enemy Lines; how guns came to dominate US elections.
  • Power, Politics and Public Advocacy:  Influence, Access & Media Manipulation.
  • Framing Difficult Issue Campaigns from Guns to Marijuana.
  • Feldman's 10 Laws of Public Relations or, "When You're in a Hole, Stop Digging"
  • "Shamelessly Using All the Media to Promote Yourself, Your Company & Your Business"
  • "Conducting Litigation Under Public Scrutiny; Winning Your Case Without Losing The War"

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"Feldman tells the intimate story few know and even fewer survive”  -Jack Brooks (D-Tex.), former Chairman, US House Judiciary Committee